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Families are the cornerstone of any civilization.  Without them societies would fall.  Yet sometimes conflict arises and a family needs help.  At Whitson Family Therapy, we have services to help with the challenges that families face today.

  • Family Therapy:  There are a variety of issues that may warrant family therapy, but the goal is always the same: to increase communication skills, structure the family in a way that meets everyone’s needs, and help each family member feel loved, heard, and supported in their family.  If you feel like your family has difficulty communicating, family therapy may be the most effective treatment strategy.
  • Substance Abuse:  Nothing can destroy a family like a substance abuse problem.  It can lead to emotional, economic, and physical stressors.  It can increase conflict in the home and can tear families apart.  It is often associated with depression and other psychological concerns, for both the substance abuser and family members.  We offer substance abuse treatment with a therapist with over 20 years experience dealing with the complicated issues involved with substance abuse.
  • Military Services:  Being part of a military family presents an array of it’s own challenges.  From adjusting to deployment and fear of the dangers of war to the isolation of frequent relocations and the stress of military life on the family, military life can be hard on every family member.  We recognize that our community has a large military population and we honor and respect those who serve and the family members who sacrifice so that can happen. 
  • Parenting Classes:  While this service is offered to parents, not the entire family, the impact it can have on family functioning can be profound.  In “old school” thought, parenting classes were for incompetent parents.  What Whitson Family Therapy offers is very different than that.  It is for EVERY parent.  The program is called Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®, and has been around since 1977.  It offers parents not only a philosophy on parenting, but also many specific techniques to choose from to allow you to be a calmer, more effective parent and to truly enjoy parenting more.  It can greatly increase family harmony, help parents to feel more in control of themselves and the interactions of their families.  It can help parents create a happier, healthier environment for the entire family.
  • Co-Parenting:  For the divorced/ divorcing couple, it is often challenging to come together regarding the children.  There are many emotions involved and there may be differing views on parenting issues.  Co-parenting can help such couples learn how to communicate and deal with the children during or after a divorce in a manner that is in the best interest of the children.  This can improve family functioning and increase harmony in both households, which will create a greater sense of family for the children.

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