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Whitson Family Counseling Services offers a variety of services for individual adults to assist you in designing the life you truly want to live.  We have talk therapy available for almost any diagnosis/ concern.  These issues may range from anxiety or depression, panic attacks, adjustment issues, grief or loss, etc.  Our therapists use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy as well as other time-tested techniques to help our clients move through these issues and reach a point of resolution and greater overall life satisfaction.  In addition to traditional talk therapy, the following specialty services are available to individuals:

  • Psychological Testing / Neuropsychological Assessment:  Sometimes symptoms are confusing.  Sometimes diagnosing can be subjective; it is determined by a list of behavioral criteria and someone’s interpretation of the severity of those behaviors.  Psychological testing is a scientific approach to interpreting data to determine with a great deal of scientific certainty what the diagnosis really is.  This allows for a much more definitive treatment plan and more effective treatment strategies.  Psychological/ Neuropsychological testing can be helpful in diagnosing issues of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, learning disabilities, ADD/ ADHD, and Autism Spectrum disorders. It is also appropriate for individuals with certain medical illnesses, neurological disorders, and/or psychological difficulties that are having trouble with their memory, language skills, attention, judgment or problem-solving skills. 

    Whitson Family Counseling Services is one of the few facilities in the area that has a Neuropsychologist on staff.   
  • EMDR:  Whitson Family Therapy is pleased to offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  This cutting-edge therapy can be very effective for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, flashbacks, trauma, symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic pain, phobias, and problems with peak performance. 
  • Pain Management:  Dealing with chronic pain can be excruciating.  Not only can the pain be almost unbearable, on top of that there are issues of depression, lack of ability to participate in activities, the impact on the family, employment concerns, lack of understanding of loved ones, and a whole variety of other issues.  There are a variety of techniques that can assist in managing chronic pain and the issues associated with it.  These include cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, hypnosis, EMDR, and coping skills training. 
  • Military Services:  Being a member of the military or having a family member who is presents an array of it’s own challenges.  From adjusting to deployment and fear of the dangers of war to the isolation of frequent relocations and the stress of military life on the family, military life is hard.  We recognize that our community has a large military population and we honor and respect those who serve and the family members who sacrifice so that can happen.  That’s why we offer services to meet the unique needs of military life, including individual, couples, family, and group counseling.
  • Substance Abuse:  Nothing can destroy a family like a substance abuse problem.  It can lead to emotional, economic, and physical stressors.  It can increase conflict in the home and can tear families apart.  It is often associated with depression and other psychological concerns, for both the substance abuser and family members.  We offer substance abuse treatment with a therapist with over 20 years experience dealing with the complicated issues involved with substance abuse.
  • Eating Disorders:  One of the most complicated and challenging mental health issues is eating disorders.  There are many facets to the issue that require intense therapy to resolve.  We offer individual and family therapy to help individuals with an eating disorder deal with and overcome the problem.
  • ADD / ADHD:  While ADD is often associated with children, it is an issue that plagues adults as well.  The common misconception that only children suffer from this issue causes confusion and often interferes with recognition of the diagnosis in adults.  ADD can cause multiple problems in the life of an adult who has it, including difficulty holding down a job or problems with employment, problems with personal relationships, and difficulty with peer relationships.  Undiagnosed, people with ADD often turn to alcohol or other substances to try to cope with their feeling of lack of control over their life.  This is why accurate diagnosis and treatment is so critical. 
  • Grief and Loss:  Unfortunately, as a society we are not good grievers.  When we experience loss, the expectation is to “be strong”, which usually means stuffing your feelings and pretending everything is OK.  This, however, is one of the most harmful things an individual who has experienced a loss can do, and can often lead to depression or anxiety.  This is why seeking help for issues of grief and loss is so important.  This will help the individual move through the grieving process and reach a resolution and a sense of closure.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):  Experiencing a life threatening trauma or one in which one’s sense of physical integrity is threatened can lead to PTSD, which includes symptoms of avoidance, re-experiencing the event, and increased arousal.  To resolve these issues, it is important to seek therapy.

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