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Whitson Family Counseling Services offers a variety of services to meet the needs of tomorrow’s generation, our children.  We recognize that our future depends on the health and well being of today’s children.  We also recognize that many children are under increased stress and that there are a variety of challenges facing this generation of young people.  This is why it is our mission to provide quality services to children to help them be as successful as possible and learn how to make choices that will allow them to develop to their full potential.

  • Psychological Testing / Neuropsychological Assessment
    Are you worried your child may have ADD/ ADHD?
    Do you suspect an anxiety related problem? (Tourettes, Tics, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, etc)
    Do you have concerns that your child may have Autism or Asperger’s?
    If so, psychological testing/ neuropsychological assessment may be the answer…

    Whitson Family Counseling Services is one of the few facilities in the area that offers psychological/ neuropsychological evaluations for children with a trained Neuropsychologist.  In addition to the diagnoses listed above, Neuropsychological testing can assess and diagnose issues related to sudden memory loss, traumatic brain injury, sudden behavioral changes, etc. 
  • Play therapy/ art therapy:  Children’s primary form of communication is through play.  This is why it is imperative to incorporate play therapy into treatment with children.  Often, children are able to express themselves through play in a manner they would otherwise not be able to do.  They are able to access and resolve feelings at a deeper level and this enables the treatment to be more successful.  For young children, this may be the only way to access their feelings and help them heal. 
  • ADD/ ADHD:  People living with a family member with ADD or ADHD understand the impact it can have on a family.  The frustrations can be constant, the chaos overwhelming.  That’s why it is our priority to offer top-quality services for this diagnosis.  While there is no talk-therapy cure for ADD/ ADHD, there are multiple techniques that can be utilized to greatly reduce the effects it can have on the individual and the family.  Using a combination of cognitive behavioral techniques, parenting education, anger management, stress management and coping skills training, the difference that treatment can make can be profound. (see also Psychological Testing) 
  • Autism/ Asperger’s:  Autism and Asperger’s are on the rise.  Some say the numbers are reaching epidemic proportions!  Chances are you or someone you know is living with a child with this diagnosis.  There are a whole variety of emotions and challenges that go along with being diagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s.  It can be very frustrating because, depending on the severity, often others do not know that the child has a disability, so the expectation is that the parent just learn to “control your child.”  This is why it is so important to seek professional help in dealing with this issue.  Psychotherapy, combined with other important services, can help the family and the individual to learn to deal with this diagnosis and understand the impact it has on the person and the family.  At Whitson Family Therapy, we have several therapists who specialize in this important issue. (see also Psychological Testing)
  • Parenting Classes:  While this service is offered to parents, not children, the impact it can make in the lives of children can be profound.  In “old school” thought, parenting classes were for incompetent parents.  What Whitson Family Therapy offers is very different than that.  It is for EVERY parent.  The program is called Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®.  The program has been around since 1977.  It offers parents not only a philosophy on parenting, but many specific techniques to choose from when your child is simply “driving you crazy.”  It allows you to be a calmer, more effective parent and to truly enjoy parenting.

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