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Psychological / Neuropsychological Testing

Psychological testing / Neuropsychological assessment is a process that involves several measurements to determine an accurate diagnosis.  There is a clinical interview with our psychologist followed by a series of tests that measure various areas of cognitive functioning to determine a diagnosis.
Without testing, diagnosing behavioral/ mental health issues can be quite subjective.  It is based primarily on observation of behavior by a doctor or clinician and others and the report of the client.  Testing offers a much more objective process for diagnosing.  It utilizes a clinical interview along with a series of tests that have been determined to have scientific validity and reliability.  Therefore, when you have testing completed, you can feel confident that you are getting the right diagnosis.  This will allow you to seek the most appropriate treatment and not waste time or money on ineffective therapists.  Testing may also help parents obtain appropriate school based services for their child in certain circumstances.
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